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Good and Evil

The Rights of Animals and the Yet Unborn

Casting Spells and Other Similar Efforts


Some other Views and Perspectives

The links relate to what I see as some ethical issues currently relating to life on Earth

I've wanted to start discussing some of these sorts of issues even though my ability to give evidence for them is never going to be as good as I would like.  Though, I think it is obvious that the amount of evidence that has been given around/through me is highly unusual.  I also think this evidence is almost always well above the standards most everyone expects others to expect from themselves when determining truths.

I call myself a non-existent being because of the profoundly deep efforts being made by "authorities" to not be honest about what has been happening through, with and around me.

I am definitely of the view that the more capable and confident a person or organization is, the more they will want to have their views sincerely investigated by others.

I want to get into what I see as several important cosmological issues and experiences.