Some Views on Casting Spells and Other Similar Efforts



What Does Casting a Spell Look Like on the Astral?  I think if people could see what casting spells looks like on the astral, at least to me, they would definitely be quite dismayed.  It shouldn't surprise people that it generally looks like an effort to overpower or take from some other person, thing or otherish.  These sorts of efforts definitely seem to diminish one's centeredness and balance.  By weakening this centeredness, balance and usually over-reaching these efforts appear to also increase the spell caster's vulnerability to outside influences.  It also probably shouldn't surprise people that the more hypocritical/selfish the spell, the worse and unhealthier (for the person casting the spell) it looks.

It is also my experience and understanding that the over/under/around and through all God and the guardian spirits configure things (with the angelic embrassage) so that people are as vulnerable to spells cast at them in symmetry to the spells they cast at others.
Thus, people that don't cast spells really do seem to have automatic immunity/resilience to spells cast at them.
If people are casting spells, then they really do seem to be as vulnerable to spells cast at them appropriate to the sorts of spells they cast at others.
This also appears to be modified appropriate to how much someone has cast spells in their past and/or past lives.  So it does really seem that some people who aren't really casting spells in the present may have some karma relating to their past casting of spells.

Increasing Power.  Unfortunately, it seems that far too many people are willing to resort to all kinds of means to try and increase the power of their spells regardless of how hypocritical they are being.  It also seems the more hypocritical they are about what they are trying to gain, the more likely they are to resort to more hypocritical efforts at gaining power.

One of the worst approaches I have seen people take, far too often, is to make pacts with some lesser astral influences, even Satanic sources, to try and increase their own power.  I am also dismayed at how they seem to think they will really gain from these sorts of associations.  My experience is that they will most likely get just the opposite.  It seems to me that Satan and other such powers are really looking to trick the selfish and gullible and ultimately take advantage of them.

Another common approach that causes me dismay is how some people are so willing to "sacrifice" other living creatures to try and gain power for themselves.  It really is my experience that these sorts of pathogenic relationships with other living creatures really increases the spell caster's vulnerabilities to pathogens and such.  It doesn't really increase the power of their spells.

Trying to Help Spell Casters Heal.  Unfortunately, I have way too much experience trying to assist healing in others who cast spells to try and get their desires.  As I am able to assist them I always try to get them to realize/acknowledge the deleterious effects that approaches like casting spells are having on their well being.  I am not as often successful in convincing them as I would like, to say the least!

When people open themselves to lesser influences it really is my perception that these lesser influences create conduits/attachments into the spirit of those seeking more power.
It amazes me how naive so many people are about these sorts of things.
They don't really seem to question what these lesser, sometimes even Satanic, forces are trying to gain for themselves!

When assisting other's healing, I started to notice that a sizable percentage of the people had the typical internal things affecting their health, such as pathogens or some sorts of build ups and blockages.  But I also noticed that some people had these almost monstrous attacks that fairly continuously assailed them from outside themselves on the astral.  I puzzled for some time before coming to some conclusions about these external sources.

Particularly when someone is burdened by ill health, the extent, effects and power of these external attacks seem directly related to the extents that they attack others using approaches like spell casting.  I'm going to try to spend some time elsewhere to try and be more specific and create some drawings.

Helping J Heal.  One of my more dismaying experiences with healing relate to efforts to assist an elderly woman who was at times confined to a wheel chair.  I will call her J for the rest of this webpage.  At best J could sort of make it around using a walker.  When I first met her I noticed that so much of her struggles seemed to be due to a pathogen attacking her neuro-muscular-skeletal systems.  Though, it affected the skeletal systems the least.  But what was also dismaying was how much of her inability to keep her balance and her near falling over was directly related to these almost lightning like bolts attacking her from the outside.  At least on the astral, it was as if these irritating lightning sorts of attacks were attacking her nerves and causing some sorts of involuntary muscle contractions (or something like these).

As a relevant aside, helping this woman heal has been one of the five most difficult efforts I have ever put in during my lifetime so far.  She really has quite an inveterate deceit problem.  Even the overly exaggerated sweetness that she often affects really comes off as deception to me.  But these affectations get her quite a bit of mileage from many people!

So I worked and worked and worked on her pathogen inside.  But I could never get her to acknowledge that she did things like obsessive, really mean, psychic and spell casting attacks on so many others.  She would always pretend otherwise.  It was really entirely difficult to even broach such topics since she is so consumed in playing the perfect little spiritual presence sorts of games (which should be a tip off).  So it was terribly difficult to get these external attacks to diminish in their effectiveness.

Even after about 5 sessions of helping her for about 1.5 hours every other week (an unusually high number of sessions for the progress we made) and getting her to the point of basically no longer needing her walkers, I could never really get her to let go of her efforts at psychic and spell casting sorts of attacks.  She really continued to say that God has unconditional forgiveness and love and she was not involved in any such efforts and get quite perturbed at me for even suggesting such things.   Eventually, with more cajoling and intermittent efforts I was able to get her to realize her attachments to these sorts of attacks were really hurting her. 

Eventually, I was able to assist her to make a very strong recovery.  She no longer needed her walker and could have even started driving again.  But it truly seemed made only enough progress so she could make sure to remain disabled enough to maintain her current government and charitable subsidies.

I'm really not kidding.
In fact, once we reached a certain point she didn't want to really clear anymore things out even though she had clearly seen considerable impact.

One time I was helping her back into her house after we had actually just gotten back from a couple miles of walking on an evening outdoor art gallery tour.  Just as I was about to leave, this hugish lightning bolt struck her on the astral and she fell.  I was so shocked I couldn't believe it.  I had never seen such a horrendous attack on someone.  But I also really don't doubt that this attack was let through by those I trust as God and guardian spirits because she was still engaging in these sorts of efforts with others.  I was so shocked I didn't say anything as I left.  Though, the next time I saw her I really did broach the subject and related my experience and understanding of what had happened with her.  Rather than her usual denials and statements that I was imagining things she actually sort of acknowledged her own efforts and said, "well, now you've seen something new".  But it did seem she let off some more after this.

But the truth is, she so loves these sorts of powers she really hasn't stopped or made the sorts of efforts to be less hypocritical as she expects from others.

A Happier Ending.  While thinking of the five most difficult healing efforts I've put in, I remembered another one that was quite similar in its demands but that had quite significantly better outcomes.  I will refer to this woman as B.

We were holding weekly healing circles at my house and one of the regulars had his own wall finishing business.  He had just finished some work for a woman who had just been diagnosed with fourth stage cancer and told she had a very short time to live.  He told B about our healing circles and suggested she come by.  I was very up front with everyone that I had never worked with someone who was this near to death from cancer, but I would at least try.

When I first met B, she started off our healing session by giving a terribly pleasant talk about her struggles and acceptance of what was coming next.  She also explained why she had chosen to not get any of the standard medical treatments.  During this I was checking out her health on the astral and etheric.  While I had seen cancer spreading through people I did not know, this was my first encounter/interactions with someone at this advanced stage.  It looked like it was spreading out from her intestinal/ovarian area.  The "pieces" had an almost cauliflower look in their dark eating away like growth.

I really didn't know what I would do.  But I did notice that there were about three places where it seemed there were sorts of "generators" for the growth, at least in the etheric.  So I decided to go directly after these three places.  They were essentially just in front of her spinal column , one in the sacral area, one just behind her stomach, and the third was directly behind her solar plexus region up higher.  While working on these I realized that the spreading cancer was likeliest pathogenic in its origins and that I would likely be able to at least rid her of these.

By the second one hour session the next week I had been able to mostly clean up these tight cauliflower like growths by zapping and pulling out these generators.  There was just one place in the front of her lower abdomen to the lower right just above her groin that I couldn't clean out.  Though, there were still other things to work on.

I was so focused on the cancer that I failed to notice the sluggishness of her blood flows.  One of the other regulars, a registered occupational therapist that worked through a local visiting nurse association, had been genfuserating her own spirit/energy while striving to be in flow with spirit from God and guardian spirits.  As she was allowing things to flow into places that I was cleaning out she noticed how sluggish the energy around B's ankles and right leg were.  I had missed these in my preoccupation with the spreading cancer.  I had never seen such slow blood flows and didn't entirely realize that this was actually more immediately threatening to B's life than the cancer had been.

I suggested B see a physician to have this checked out more.  I also suggested she make sure to come back so that we could help with this.  Actually, I already had quite a bit of experience with things like edema, sluggish hearts, clogging arteries and such so I was much more confident about my/our abilities to assist this than I was about the cancer.

Unfortunately, B didn't take this to a physician until she was almost ready to die from it and had to go to the emergency room.  She also didn't return again until after some time in a hospital.

B had a fairly strict Roman Catholic upbringing where, in particular, women were supposed to love others much more than they loved themselves.  My assessment of her spirit was that she had really striven to do just this in far too many ways and it was really taking its toll.  She had extensive gashing in her spirit and was hugely worn away.  This also made it tough for her, because she had always been the family's care giver as others needed her and lost so much of her own independence to these sorts of efforts.  It seemed that just as she was finally launching into her own independence and about to start her own business her cancer hit, fast and furious.  This also helped bring about some serious anger and anguish with God, that didn't surprise me.  But even the regulars expected her to just say pretty words and gloss over her pain.  I do not like these sorts of approaches or believe they really contribute much, if anything, to healing.

Apparently, starting in her ovaries, B had quite a large mass/tumor that she called her "baby".  This is where the spreading cancer seemed to originate from.

So there were three major things to work on.
the spreading cancer (apparently viral in nature)
the blood flows and clotting
the mass/tumor "baby" in her intestinal/ovarian area

I was able to make progress on the first two quite quickly.  When she started coming back she was actually able to experience seeing very strong improvements in the black and blue from her clots and other blood flow symptoms over about three sessions, with some polishing off of these occurring at other sessions where we were trying to make progress on her mass/tumor.  Her physician also saw these things and had diagnostic tools monitoring these over time.

But I was finding it very difficult to get at her "baby".
I was having difficulty even seeing inside it to see what I should do.
It was also nearly impossible to touch anything inside it because there were all these malevolent spirits on the lower astral that were interfering as much as they could.
I tried talking with B about this, because it is my experience that either someone is working to protect others from such attacks (like me) and has to deal with such things or one has invited these lesser spirits into their sphere in order to get something ... increase their power.
Unfortunately, she almost always portrayed herself as the "perfect Catholic" and we made little progress.  I think she really thought it should be as easy as the other two.
But it wasn't, and there were reasons why!

My understanding/perception of B was that she had carried so many burdens that when she finally reached a maturity to finally really try to love herself as others, she grossly over-reacted in her defenses probably by just about anyone's standards.  Rather than trying to focus on people who were doing her harm or had done her harm she was lashing out at everyone.  Unfortunately, this is not "health" developing, in my experience.  It also appeared that she was getting into witchcraft and spells and had actually made some sorts of pacts with "Satanic" efforts.

I am not kidding when I say that finally one evening, when she had showed up after a long hiatus (she had been terribly intermittent in trying since our first set of successes) I got her to inwardly pray and make commitments to seeking truth and loving herself as she loved others and loving others as she loved herself and breaking ties to any and all lesser influences and seeking out better relationships with God, Jesus and any clearly nihypocritical guardian spirits.  Without her ever saying much openly, I was suddenly able to get a much better look and work on her "baby".

It seemed her "baby" was a growth of eating away at herself (in my experience one of the three major sources of cancer along with pathogens) but mostly build up of gunk, residue, "toxins" and so on (in my experience the third major source of cancer).  I was finally able to clean out the gunk, residue, "toxins" and whatevers.  But I really had to try to guide her to work towards better ways of defending herself and others and this took time.

Fortunately, she was quite the trooper, and while working with/on her cleaning we were able to have many more discussions about how she could better defend herself.  Fortunately, as this was going on her "baby" was shrinking noticeably.

But it seemed that people from earlier in her life were suddenly reappearing and causing much grief.  Helping her develop new strategies and motivation for dealing with them took some time and efforts.  But she really did stay with it even though most everything and everyone around her wants to see these things a not influential.

She has CAT scans and MRIs of the disappearance of her "baby".
Her physician was astounded.

One of the frightening things was that whenever talking with her she still, so frequently, had these tendencies to revert back to loving others more than she was loving herself.


There are quite a few other stories I can tell like this.
A few others almost as extreme, while varied.


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