Some Views on Good and Evil



What are Good and Evil?  It seems to me that there are some common difficulties with determining what is good and evil.

  1. almost all people try to define good and evil for everyone else

  2. it seems almost all people do not actually work hard to do what they consider to be good, particularly when it becomes inconvenient

  3. it seems that many people will lie about what they expect from others particularly when it is about something they have just done

  4. many people seem to assess what is good and evil based more on reactions and comfort rather than having analyzed standards

  5. many people selectively choose passages from "holy books" that they like and then claim they know these words were revealed by God

    1. yet they seem to usually ignore other statements in their preferred "holy book" when it serves their purposes

    2. they seem to seldom be willing to discuss how reliable their own sources actually are - for example, maybe these "holy books" have been altered to suit the purposes of certain powerful people in the past

    3. they seem to put little effort into concerns about translations and contradictions

    4. they don't seem to do very good when it comes to dealing with others that have different views or interpretations

The Golden Rule. It is my experience that we are required to "Do Unto Others as We Would Have Done Unto Us".  I get into this much more in the healing section of my website

It is also my experience that such a morality is built into the universe/plexiverse.  Having such a morality built into this universe/plexiverse seems to have the advantage that we do not need to expect everyone to be reading and interpreting our "holy Books" and religious authorities regardless of whether they even have the capabilities to do so.

Now I want to develop a table to discuss some more specifics.  I also want to say that I have difficulty with labeling things as good or evil using nouns.  For example, I think that even while we are trying to do good, we can end up doing less than we should have and figure this out later.  So I like more dynamic concepts.


Good Evil
The more we do unto others as we would have done unto our selves the better. golden rule hypocrisy The less we do unto others as we would have done unto us the worse.
Largely a restatement of the Golden Rule, but with more focus on the realization that what we expect from others is what is actually expected from us - not them we are judged as we judge hypocrisy Trying to get others to do what one wants, generally based on some sort of false authority and illusions and not actually doing it one's self.
It seems to me we need to see ourselves and evaluate what we are doing by something like the golden rule clearly and honestly.  We can all learn from someone who is better at self-assessment. self-assessment self-deception It seems so many work hard to make sure they do not see themselves and what they do clearly in much moral light.
It's not enough to self-assess, we need to follow through on our assessments follow through don't follow through It seems to happen that people who know they would not like what they are doing unto others to be done unto them do it anyway.
Having respect for the efforts and experience of others.  I like to openly wonder why it seems you never hear people who complain about other's lack of respect for authority complaining that others do not respect their ability.

Obviously people who garner respect for their abilities can actuate some authority.  But this is authority based on trust of ability and character and I think this is a different type of "authority" and wish there was a separate word for it.

ability authority Requiring obedience or conformity based on tradition or someone's position or inheritance and so on.
Developing abilities to really discern and discover truths. investigation of truth blind following I think this sort of blind following is a matter of degrees and situation.  Some powers seem to rely on it extensively.
I use this phrase somewhat teasingly.  But we hear that God loves us and is omnipresent... yet we are so often told we need to go through hierarchies to gain access and understanding.

I hope to think of a better phrase.  But I guess it shouldn't be surprising that we don't really have a word for this (similarly we have a word for hypocrisy and hypocrites but not for those who strive to not be hypocritical).

love connection hierarchy Obviously hierarchies can be less or more hypocritical.  One of the most obvious ways to ascertain this is to assess how sensitive the upper/powerful levels are to the lower levels.

I get so appalled at how people do not expect more from those with more power and money.  It seems the powerful often get ready support when they blame everyone else who has much less of power and/or money.



More Discussion.  Obviously, I am not going to solve all problems relating to good and evil in a single webpage.  But I want to write some things down and amend this as I go over time.


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