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Some Perspective. I am trying to present things from the perspective of what has worked for me. I do not feel that this implies that the same will work for everyone else. Part of what I think is important to discover is what will also work for others and how cross fertilization can improve things overall. I take the time to write all this stuff down because I think that others can gain something from reading it and hopefully, when more people start engaging in dialogues, we all can learn more.

I believe we all have to accept who we are, embrace who we are, and then work with ourselves and try to get greater powers to help when we can. Ultimately none of us really knows what combination of forces has brought us to be who we are in the present or how we would measure up to someone else's challenges. I have extreme difficulty with views that I am a helpless victim of my genes, or my environment, or a virus, or a bacteria, or my past lives or whatever. But rather than wallowing in guilt or anger about the past or passivity in my current condition I want to get more out of life for myself and others . In addition, I don't want myself or others to be a helpless victim to the mugger on the street, or the person who expends their jealous energy trying to destroy others rather than improve themselves, or the power freak in whatever country.

Another Comment. I'm not sure why academia and almost all current research has neglected investigating things that people can improve through choice. I definitely call it the culture of the little boxes ... and woe be unto me for trying to climb out of mine ... not that I've had any success in doing it.

I am also astounded at how dismissive western medical approaches seems towards other approaches to medicine, particularly those that do demonstrate fairly obvious "successes". I've often wondered about the medical ethics of this! ! It sure seems to me that western medicine makes use of many things even when they don't really know why they work.

Since the following, among others is such a raging topic and a concern for me.

Who or What is God?  I have to admit to a certain willingness to tease about such a question.  But, I'm inclined to go with the following definition of God.

God is a three letter word that is used by people to justify and get just about whatever they want.

Unfortunately, there is far too much truth to this as far as I'm concerned.  But I guess this does at least imply that God exists.


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