Weapons and Healing

Some Preliminaries

  • My sense of "weapons" for self defense is that several things are involved.  The most important being
    • working to do unto others as one would have done unto one's self
      • but this must be quite through and through and it isn't sufficient to express words that work/impress within select groups
    • someone must develop one's resistance/strength
      • what seem like some of the most important "categories"
        • efforts towards seeking truths in all situations
          • particularly when they are truths about one's self that one avoids seeing
          • particularly when they are truths about one's group/friends/connections that one avoids seeing
    • I call it developing symbiosis and more symbiotic relationships with others and otherishes
      • while this likely falls within the general issue of not being hypocritical, it seems worthwhile to distinguish this


  • Another way to look at these dynamics has more to do with an elemental view.   Many oriental healing approaches are/have been more elemental in their basis.   For example, on the astral/li some people have developed skills with fire, earth, wind, water, electricity, metal, and wood in addition to other "elements".


  • The depth of connection is also very important.  It seems to be very related to overall power, in particular.  The depth of these connections is definitely increased by commitment to more symbiotic relationships with the universe or any sort of "other" as opposed to more parasitic relationships.


  • How one responds to "hurts", slashes, cuts or whatever of the spirit due to injustice from others, also seems to have much to do with developing self defense "weapons".  




An Aside

Think of a couple of far too typical guys getting in an argument at a bar.  They exchange words and one of them reacts by attempting to punch the other guy in the face.  While I consider such an attempt to be an unmerited escalation of the conflict, this doesn't seem to be all that common of a view in certain cultures.

Anyway, what would you expect the other guy to do?

He might also go for the other guy's face.  This being his unsententious reaction and a popular media norm.

Maybe, even though he has been hurt and wants to hurt in return, he has worked on his own spirit and self defenses so that his somewhat less unsententious reaction is to block the attempted punch and make certain he hurts the puncher's forearm with his block.  This sort of response might help the attacked not feel he is losing face in his culture and at the same time convince the puncher that when he punches he is exposing a part of his body that can be easily hurt!

Maybe the defender has developed his abilities for self defense even further and has been trying to clean his spirit, improve his sententiousness and seek assistance in such efforts.  So this defender might try some sort of softer block along with some sort of grab and wrist or arm lock/twist/leverage to at least temporarily restrain the attacker.  Hopefully, some sententiousness is also interpenetrating this defender's verbalization and he works to calm the situation.

These sorts of refinements need to be ever improving and seeking for it means to be ever improving in my understanding of "developing weapons".



  • It is also seems to be the case that the weapons can't really be separated from healing self and others. The power that becomes available must be used according to some moral standard.  What is this moral standard?  See the RishRash, Warrior/Healer, Yin/Yang and some Laws of Spirit for one developing view.


  • When my spirit becomes apparent, even though it changes over time, it usually  has several characteristics.  Typically the overall appearance is of a clear and/or white flame or fire, though it is a liquid/watery fire, being blown by the wind.  There is usually quite a bit of electrical activity, often shunting between dark and light crystalline facets, though the dark is now showing up more and more often as more goldish.  The fire is usually a bit acidic due to anger over how I'm being treated, though I seem to be climbing out of this from the inside with some assistance from the Great Spirit.



  • The best all purpose weapons seem to be associated with integration/fusion of the light/dark dynamic.  There are several such weapons that I have experience with and they all seem to be somewhat "electrical" in nature. 


  • The electrical weapons seem to have the greatest connection to overall immunity from malexos.  They also seem to be good for discombobulating electronics when necessary.  Some of you probably feel you already have some innate abilities for this.  Entirely probable, but the goal is to be able to discombobulate when desired and with ever increasing degrees of  remoteness.


  • What I consider to be a collection of some of the other best defensively oriented weapons relate to reflecting particular truths about others.  Quite a few people have seen these working around me and I'll try to develop more discussion.
    • It seems to me that these develop as one strives to see the truths in one's self and work towards more nihypocritical ideals.