Yin and Yang

While most everyone knows the oriental symbol for
yin and yang
most people do not seem to give much thought
to how it might actually relate to their own
spirit and chi and chakras

here are some views.

Do you know someone who feels they are doing a good thing by
absorbing a lot in a relationship,
holding back on their words and anger,
until suddenly there is an explosion ?

Do you know someone else who has constantly got a hard exterior, yet if you can get to know them you find out they have an incredible soft, often needy interior ?

Maybe you know someone who uses a lot of guilt and other things to try and hold back, control or even smother other people.  It seems they have a fear of spontaneity and vigor and maybe macho things.

The symbol for this sort of thing might be the dominating yin/yang. One pole typically dominates the other, and (almost always) eventually the buried pole is expressed.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing can become even more extreme until one pole is almost totally buried. This dominance can often be quite militant and the symbol would increase in separation and ferocity. People living with this inside are often on the prowl trying to subvert the expression of the other pole in other people.  My experience is the attempts at dominance can arise from either polarity.

When the buried pole is expressed it is usually in the worst fashion.

For example, it seems to me that some people can be very smothering of others,
while pretending they are acting out of love,
 particularly when they are afraid and/or jealous.

In contrast, one also sees a dominating or intimidating approach
used by bullies and/or abusers.

Both these either hyper-masculine or hyper-feminine styles can be
terribly hypocritical and oppressive to others.

Unfortunately, it is easy to come up with a large variety of what I call
uni-polar dominance strategies.



Do you know someone who tends to be either hot or cold?
Maybe very coldly analytical, then fiercely hot in their argument?
Am I pointing a finger at myself?

The symbol for this sort of thing might be the separated yin/yang. Both poles are expressed, though to different degrees of extremeness or separation with different people and different situations.



So putting everything together is the best, right?
Ultimately, who knows!
But another typical, though fairly rare option, is a total merging. Hot and cold become constantly tepid, hard and soft are a constant mush. My evaluation of it is obvious.

The symbol for this sort of thing might be the merged yin/yang. The colors are so balanced things move to mild or bland shades of gray and beige. Some of this can be restful, but ...



So what is best? Good question.
But it seems to me that God has created a universe that rewards completeness, proportion, balance, the golden rule and


So now we see the usual yin/yang symbol. We get
rather than gray and beige.
The colors have more vibrancy and life than gray and beige. There is moderation but there is still the passion and fire to create metal. While there is awareness and intelligence, one doesn't retreat from life, for you know you have the mettle/metal.

What is fusion?  This is a tough question.  Fusion seems to occur in a very large number of ways.  Maybe it can be better stated another way, there may have been an old Jewish/Israelite saying that went something like "when the two become one".  It seems it is important to not only get seemingly disparate qualities to work together in our spirit.  It seems when we draw from this universe/plexiverse we are also able to generate something more, however insignificant it may seem.

For example, when engaging in healing assistance efforts, it seems that one of the more important efforts might best be called, for lack of a better term, genfuserating.  Ugh!  It is difficult, if not impossible, for me to describe, though I'll keep trying.  Quite a few different beings on this planet have seen what I am trying to describe happen in me, and often within them, for example.

Possibly a specific example will help illustrate this fusion.  It seems to me that by and large we alternate between genders in different lifetimes.  It seems we need to develop both "male" and "female" attributes in our spirits.  While I definitely do not really believe in such well defined gender specific attributes, I hope it still communicates.  It seems to me that a good way to describe fusion is the attraction and joining we feel inside between these sorts of attributes.  In a sense, the male in one's spirit should find the female  very attractive and vice-a-versa and really pull together to make a whole person that is comfortable in either physical gender.  I also think this sort of internal interaction and compatibility is fundamentally important to good relationships between people, particularly of different genders.



When the two become one,
like the moon and the sun.
When the day becomes night,
but the dark lacks no light.

For the light without dark
is a sprite on a lark.
But the dark fused with light
is a warm golden sight.

When the hard kisses soft
and the heavy has loft.
Then the soul will it know
when to reap when to sow.

With no pieces to pare,
and all's done with no layers,
for you've nothing to hide
as the whole grows inside.

Seek the spirit of grace
and its strong fresh embrace,
to cleanse from your soul
all that clogs up a hole.

When you love those you hate
in a flow without weight.
You help genfuse those you smite,
you've got plenty of might.

For you fight and you heal
with no burdens of zeal.
Anger lessens its hold
as the hurt leaves untold.

When inside yang hugs ying
and your lives as one sing.
Then the spirit within
will light up you and more.



I'll bet you never thought so much claptrap could be developed around one little image.

Leave it to an academic !!!!