A Warrior/Healer



  • In my view, everyone has to practice self defense to some extent in order to live in this universe.  It seems that everyone must deal with a variety  of "others" or "otherishes" that seem determined to overpower and/or impose unwanted limitations or burdens. 

  • It also seems to me that everyone has to develop their abilities to heal to varying extents.

  • I think this really does mean that everyone is already a warrior/healer though some people choose to focus more effort on developing their abilities to defend and heal, self as well as others.  This website has a lot to do with describing one view about how these abilities should be developed.



Athleticism/Fighting Healing

It seems to me that the approach that develops the most powerful self defense focuses on developing both athleticism/fighting and healing as complements.

I think that developing athletic/fighting prowess without developing abilities to heal leads to extremes, often where the athlete/fighter becomes very selfish and blocks their self from improvement.
It seems the desire to heal acts as a natural balance and in my experience opens the athlete/fighter to more help from their own spirit and greater, hopefully less hypocritical, spirits.
On the other hand, trying to heal without developing strong athletic/fighting power seems like it leads to pretty weak healing abilities.
It seems it can also contribute to philosophical approaches that try to diminish others in order to make them less threatening.

It seems that one cannot truly care unless one has power.
But one cannot truly be trusted with power unless one cares for others as well as one's self.



Think about what you want in a physician or psychologist.
The ability to diagnose has to be considered one of the most important and the most difficult to develop.
For example, you want someone that enjoys problem solving, getting things to work, interacting to gather information, considering evidence and lots of other things in order reach a diagnosis.  I suspect I know the Greek roots for the word diagnosis having to do with interaction and knowledge.  
to diagnose one must be able to think for one's self.  In addition, they aren't likely to be able to spend hardly any time trying to get someone else to do their diagnosing for them.

Unfortunately, while these are not abilities that one usually associates with athletes or fighters they are very important in a warrior/healer.  This also makes this very different from most other spiritual (and far too often intellectual) approaches.



Some Approaches I Strive For I know I shouldn't dangle  prepositions in front of readers, it just sounds too weird if I don't.  So I want to write about some things that I strive for rather than what someone else tells me I should strive for.  I will try to be as succinct as possible.

  • I strive to develop a symbiotic relationship with the universe or any "other" rather than a more parasitic relationship.  One aspect of this is that when I draw from the universe I try to use this to make sure that the universe prospers.


  • I try to draw from other people very very little.


  • I try to draw from the Great/Holy Spirit and something many call the angelic embrassage, hopefully the Spirit of Truth and Golden Rule and other such nihypocritical qualities as much as possible.


  • I try to deepen and strengthen my connections, through my conduits and chakras, to the spirit of the universe, angelic embrassage and the Great/Holy Spirit.  These efforts should be enough to increase one's abilities for being a warrior/healer.  Unfortunately, the all too frequent gross injustices that seem to come from far too many other humans give plenty of gashes and slashes to one's spirit.  Striving to maintain one's center, balance and sense of proportion among other things while drawing/genfuserating seems to be one of the greatest ways to improve one's warrior/healer abilities.  Not doing this, by doing things like over-generalizing about who should be punished, why and how has all too great an impact on deterioration in one's health and abilities.


  • I try to use what I draw as non-hypocritically as I can with some sense of balance and proportion.


  • I use the word dilin to refer to striving to make sure everyone's views and positions are communicated and understood.  This also means that hypocritical views are exposed, which so many people seem to work VERY hard to avoid.

    • I think it can be appropriately said that if someone is not striving to dilin then they are jumping to conclusions.

    • I typically pronounce dilin with a long i for the first syllable and a short i for the second.

    • Dilin can be used as an adjective, noun or verb.



  • I use the word dimin to refer to striving to at least de-escalate conflicts and/or efforts at overpowering, dominance and so on.  These sorts of approaches can require some cleverness on the part of the practitioner. 

    • I think it can be said that if someone is not striving to dimin then they are jumping to contusions.

    • I typically pronounce dimin with a long i for the first syllable and a short i for the second.

    • Dimin can be used as an adjective, noun or verb.


  • I strive to be as evidentiary as I can.  In other words, make sure my opinions and conclusions are based on evidence as much as I can.  I think people have made it clear in their reactions and suppression of me and what they know about what has been happening that they fear evidence and want to believe whatever they want to believe.


  • I try to ensure that others cannot draw from me without my consent.


  • I try to ensure that others cannot force their spirit into me and make me think and/or feel what they want.


  • When I help someone heal, I try to make sure this is done in the spirit of the person getting assistance as much as possible - helping them to get closer to achieving their nihypocritical ideals.


  • When I help someone heal I try to increase their abilities and self reliance and self determination.


  • I think this also relates to developing self defense approaches that do not result in the prolongation of struggles and are always working towards some sort of mutually satisfying resolutions.  If my memories serve me correctly, for example in the Orient, development of healing abilities was almost always concomitant with the development of more physical wu shu (martial arts).  Teaching martial arts and developing rules to prolong struggles (for entertainment?) was definitely adamantly discouraged except during these civilization's unusual periods of deterioration.



Level Abilities Broader Level
1 Walking on water
Starting to be able to run up the sides of buildings
Zaparch Abilities with focus on protecting self and others without much
2 Running ultra fast
Seeing life spirit energies through darkness and so on
3 Floating
Being beyond most all pathogen/biological attacks
Traveling in an out of body form and being able to gather information
4 Being able to cause someone else to float
Being able to discombobulate the technology being used in attacks
Zaparcha Abilities with much more capabilities to heal others in much more refined ways and to protect at much greater distances and with much greater power
  • for example
  • the incinerating of the groups of fifty through Elijah
6 Being able to do something like modifying basic physical structures
  • for example
  • the blinding of a small army through Elisha
  • Jesus changing water into wine
8 Reattaching limbs, fingers, ears and so on
Regenerating things like cartilage
9 Doing all the previous levels as an out of body spirit Zaparchacorp Abilities being able to do things while out of the body and more fundamental to the basis of physical creation
10 Certain powers of generation of physical realities
  • for example
  • the loaves and fishes sorts of miracles through Jesus and others in other regions and times


  • How can one develop these sorts of abilities?  My experience and understanding is that you can rely on these sorts of spiritual capabilities when the embrassage - the collectively generated spirit towards truth and golden ruler ethics - can rely on you.  What each prezz needs to focus on is figuring out what they'd expect to be able to trust and rely on in others in order to have these abilities - then develop so they themselves can be relied on and trusted in these same ways.