The Skeletal System


  • How people produce their bone structure and how it fits together, among many other things, have significant impact on their health and pouvoir-faire.


  • I am just getting started on these pages related to physical "systems".  But want to get at least some things and illustrations into writing.

1.  Cervical vertebrae
2.  Thoracic vertebrae
3.  Lumbar vertebrae
4.  Sacral vertebrae
5.  Coccyx
6.  Pelvis
7.  Hip joint
8.  Femur
9.  Fibula and Tibia
10.  Ankle joint and Tarsals
11.  Humerous
12.  Radius and Ulna
13.  Carpals, Metacarpals and Phalanges

  • One of the things that has been somewhat astounding to me is to see the variety of malexos/pathogens that focus largely on the skeletal system.  They can be a bit alarming to see.  There seem to be _____ main varieties at this point.  My discussion of these is much less than I would like.  My differentiation of these pathogens is nowhere near as good as it should be or even as good as it is for some of the pathogens that focus on other systems.  I will describe what they look like on the etheric and lower astral.
    • a pathogen that shows up as imbedded within the bones which also seems to inhibit musculation and cause great overall fatigue and aches and pains
    • a pathogen that shows up imbedded in the bones that seems to cause some sort of overproduction of bone so that
      • the joints are too large to varying extents
      • seems to actually cause creation of things like bone spurs
    • a pathogen that shows up imbedded in the bones that seems to cause some sort of erosion of bone so that
    • there also seems to be a separate pathogen that imbeds in the bone marrow and creates inflammation that can get very painful
      • I have pretty much always seen this present along with these previous pathogens so I am not quite as confident I should separate it out

One fairly surprising aspect that everyone struggling with some of these pathogens has had in common so far is that much of the struggle with these pathogens has been focused within the thyroid gland.  Obviously, I need to learn more about the thyroid.  Unfortunately, the impact is difficult to clarify and isolate.

I mention these because in all instances, current western medical practices weren't able to do much to inhibit/diminish the impact of these malexos/pathogens.  I have helped quite a  few people experience what might be described as complete recovery from these.  Though it is always important to examine how long such things last.  So far we've been doing fairly well, particularly as people change their approaches to their own lives to improve on how they actually do what they expect from others in relevant ways.