The Muscular System


  • I don't have that much experience  working with the muscular systems of others at the level of the etheric double.  Almost all of my experience with others is further away from the physical, largely on the etheric and lower astral, dealing with what I am very broadly characterizing as issues of improving muscular strength and coordination.
  • There are plenty of references that are more specific about muscles so I will have even less detail than I do for the other pages.


  • One of the things that has been somewhat astounding to me is to see the variety of malexos/pathogens that focus largely on muscles.  They can be a bit alarming to see.  There seem to be three main varieties at this point.  I will describe what they look like on the etheric and lower astral.
    • a pathogen that shows up as imbedded within the muscle which greatly inhibits the musculation - the ability to use the muscle
    • a pathogen that shows up somewhat more in the core of the bones but seems to greatly inhibit muscular function and can produce pretty extreme aches/pains
    • a pathogen that shows up as actually degenerating the muscle write up next to it wrapping along particular muscles

One fairly surprising aspect that everyone struggling with the first two of these pathogens has had in common so far is that the biggest struggle with these pathogens has been focused within the thyroid gland.  Everyone of these people would have noticed this as I was assisting their "healing".  Obviously, I need to learn more about the thyroid.  This sort of seems to also be true for some of the bone pathogens, but the impact is more difficult to isolate.

I mention these because in all instances, current western medical practices weren't able to do much to inhibit/diminish the impact of these malexos/pathogens.  I have helped quite a  few people experience what might be described as complete recovery from these.  Though it is always important to examine how long such things last.  So far we've been doing fairly well, particularly as people change their approaches to their own lives to improve on how they actually do what they expect from others in relevant ways.