Some Exercises


Some Preliminaries



  • This is a strange section to write because it is so hard/impossible to know where other people are and what motivates them.


  • A relevant aside. I often hear people use the word "gift" to describe other people's abilities. I have really come to despise this word since it seems to allow people that don't have the "gift" to rationalize taking and using the gifted as much as they can. Rather than get into a long discussion of this, what is probably motivating this "gifted" explanation, how it has evolved historically and its concomitant stagnation, I want to try and discuss how people can develop their own "gifts".


  • I have my own "exercises" that I do that are next to impossible to describe in words. Thus I am going to start with stuff I do that is more accessible and try to work my way into the out of this world.




Some Experience and Exercises


Yoga.  For developing the chakras and conduits, particularly the main trunk conduit/hara line, I like yoga a lot. Though my guess is you could do just about any sort of stretching.  But most stretching doesn't involve working the trunk of the body particularly well.


  • I often like the yoga videos put out by The Yoga Journal for many reasons. A couple reasons are their approach has vitality and freshness in a realm that I too often find passive and they develop vinyasas to get a flow from one pose/asana to another. The two videos I've referenced focus on flexibility and strength, two of the key issues in this website.  There are plenty of others by them and others.


  • If you watch cats and dogs, for example, you notice they both do a fair amount of stretching. Though I'm not deluded enough to think I have enough academic degrees to tell you their motivation, I'm comfortable in assuming they must be enjoying it. They don't have anyone standing over them telling them to stretch. Think about when you yawn and stretch, how good it feels, it really does something deep down inside. It is my opinion that this is the sort of thing you want to aim for when you develop flexibility and do yoga. Most of the time it feels soooo gooood. If some people knew how good it can feel they'd probably pass a law against such cheap thrills.


  • I think people should make up their own vinyasas. I've made up some of my own.


  • Try to get in touch with what is flowing in your conduits when you do the strength moves. Don't just use surface tension or strength. If there is weakness deep down in your conduits, try to draw from deeper levels of the spirit to get more strength flowing. Sometimes this feels like trying to suck the water out of a brick, but it seems very important for developing what one needs to battle malexos.



Thai Yoga Massage.  This probably should be called Thai Yoga Bodywork or something like it.  As far as I'm concerned, whatever you can achieve on your own with Yoga you can improve on with something like Thai Yoga Bodywork.  Unfortunately, it requires an knowledgeable, capable and aware partner.
  • I really like the three books I've listed.  There's something quite personable about the authors.  They seem genuinely interested in assisting others with healing.


  • It really would be too involved to describe why I think so much more can be achieved doing Yoga Bodywork with others.  I think you should at least check out the books in a bookstore and/or library to see some of the things that can be done with the assistance of another.


  • I understand the "sen" lines to be chi and li level lines primarily associated with muscles.  I see the oriental "meridians" and "sen" lines as largely different.  Both have their functions and purposes.  One of the reasons I consider developing one's perceptions to be so important is that it assists the person attempting to provide healing assistance in observing what can/should be adjusted.


  • I like to work on the sen lines and meridians as I'm doing Thai Yoga Bodywork.  I also like to do this as I'm keying in my sight and other senses to develop my understanding of what is going on in someone's spirit and body.


  • When I can finally open a saitu, Thai Yoga Bodywork will definitely be available.  I'm assuming there will be some interest.  I also hope to get people in classes to steadily improve their understanding of anatomy and physiology rather spontaneously through repeated experience rather than jamming it down one's throat to pass tests.  ( I like to smart mouth that the biggest reason they should teach sex education in schools is that is possibly one of the best ways to reduce adolescent's motivation with respect to sex ... just think of all the interesting things that somehow manage to become boring and frustrating when taught in school ...  yes, I am a professor in an educational system that I think has desperate problems ... )


  • Another major reason I like something like Thai Yoga Massage is it is active and participatory.  My experience is that getting a person to exert to extents that are still comfortable to them, but still exerting, causes many of their blockages and problems to come to the fore in their spirits.  This then makes it much easier to
    • get directly at their blockages and struggles
    • supplement their efforts rather than develop much more of the energy/effort one's self



Balance and Combinations.  Different individuals usually seem to be drawn to particular styles or techniques in martial arts. While I've done a fair amount of punching and kicking, I always liked throws best. But when I practice on my own I like to do punching and kicking combinations.  Pretty hard to practice throws by yourself.  I see balance as being essential in order to get combinations to work.  I also like to turn kicking combinations into balance exercises. For example, do a cycle or combination of kicks while not changing the kicking leg and keeping the other leg planted, then continue this pattern without putting the kicking leg on the ground.

One specific example is

  1. stand on your left leg, do a front snap kick with your right leg,
  2. then without putting the kicking leg down bring it back through for a rear side kick,
  3. then without putting the kicking leg down bring it back through for a front round house kick and use the round house kick to swing you 180 degrees so you are facing the opposite direction (but don't coil it back in like you usually would so that you stay facing 180 degrees opposite to where you started).
  4. Then bring your leg through for a front snap kick,
  5. then the back side kick,
  6. then pivot yourself around 180 degrees with a front round house kick ... and continue.
  7. after a while change legs.

It helps me practice balance and combinations and I'm always trying to think up new combinations. I get bored if I practice single kicks very much.



Singing.  Yes, I am talking about singing.  Don't write this off too quickly.  The approach I'm going to try and describe works on a number of things.
  1. While standing, try to see yourself inside your skin.
    1. If you can see the astral then try to observe the astral within yourself
    2. If you can't see the astral then try to observe the etheric
    3. If you must, try to see a light/dark empty chamber inside your skin
  2. Look for your trunk conduit that runs from your crown chakra to your root chakra
  3. Try to observe/sense this conduit through its entire length at as many depths as you can
  4. Think of this conduit as
    1. the "strings" of a string instrument or
    2. a vibrating column of energy
  5. Sing a comfortable note while trying to see how you form the sound
    1. see where your energy is focused on this interior column of energy
    2. try to see how you connect to your throat and vocal chords
    3. try to see how the sound forms in your mouth
    4. try to treat your entire being, body, etheric and astral as a resonance chamber/sounding board
      1. let the sound reverberate
      2. try to vary the sound as you tune into different emotions and thoughts
  6. Make sure you have a deep breath for support as you sing and you genfuserate throughout your column as you vocalize
  7. Now change pitch, go higher and lower, sustain and/or move quickly
    1. my placement changes on this column of energy getting nearer to my root as I go lower and nearer to my crown as I go higher
    2. when I'm doing a fair amount of singing I can pretty much tell the exact pitch of a note by this interior placement even if someone is reporting wrong notes to me that they've selected on a piano
    3. practice intervals and trying to identify them
  8. Observe your placement on this column of energy as you sing higher and lower
  9. Examine your range using something like a piano
    1. keep track of your progress

Well, this is an approach that I like very very much.  It really helps me find blockages and galumphs and investigate what's really inside of me.



Internal Sensing.  In order to sense difficulties, struggles and/or whatever I think this plexiverse has been designed so that one must first be able to try to sense whether or not the same sorts of things exist  within one's self.  I have some discussion of this on the developing senses webpage. 

This section will mostly provide a link to a more involved discussion focusing on what some people call internal seeing.  Though I like to broaden this concept to internal sensing.  It will start with trying to examine one's own physical systems on the etheric.  This link to internal seeing will definitely get more elaborate over time since it seems essential to be able to see one's self while trying to see others.

For example, it can require some getting used to, but I really think you need to be able to do things like examine your own blood flows and look for blockages, sluggishness.  Another example involves looking for mucousy sorts of build up in different areas.  I consider these sorts of perceptual abilities to be critical to reaching more skilled levels of providing healing assistance.

Some simpler examples

  • Find a comfortable position and listen to your heart beat
    • Try to sense your pulse in all other parts of your body


  • Find a comfortable position and watch yourself breathing
    • work towards relaxing yourself through every part of your being as you take each breath
    • increase awareness of all of your movements as you breath




Meditation.  There are all kinds of views about how meditation should be conducted.  I want to quickly discuss one of my favorite approaches.

It seems we all have fairly innate tendencies to replay situations and experiences from our past in our spirits.  I try to make use of this motivation to improve on my performance in these situations and treat this as a form of meditation.

When replaying them I try to improve things like my awareness, empathy and wits in my imaginary present.  I also like to try to be aware of what things inside of me, internal sensing, are impinging on my abilities to be less hypocritical and more caring.

During these far too often strenuous endeavors I also try to draw strength, cleaning power and whatever from powers greater than myself.  In addition, I try to genfuse to improve and enhance my own contributions.



Genfuserating Throughout.  It is my experience that genfuserating is very important.  But it also seems to be important to get this genfuseration to occur through all my conduits at all levels of my spirit and soul and in all parts.

On the astral I often hear a particular cadenced sequence of words that goes at least somewhat like the following.  Though all sorts of variations exist depending on the native's languages.

From the crest of my crown
through my root and still down,

 all the way through my toes,
genfusing strong goes.

In the course of my nozzle,
and the tip of my schnozzle

out the back and its flows
e'en its spirited blows.

In the center of time
with the spirit sublime

from the core of its source
building fusioning force.

All conduits and portals
balanced in/out disposals



more to come ...