The Circulatory System


  • Try to not fool yourself and visualize.  If you don't see it, then you don't.


  • Many times my perception isn't as good as it is at other times.  Some people are harder to see into.  Sometimes I'm not really in a decent state for such perceptions.
  • Nothing beats listening and interacting with others. 


  • It can be very validating to try to see what you can see with others and then hear what they say they are having difficulties with.
    • sometimes this will validate your perception
    • sometimes it will validate that your perception is lacking
    • sometimes it will validate that the perceptions of others are lacking
    • sometimes you really won't see it until after you hear from them
    • it is always the case that you won't really know for certain


  • For example, when you see the developing morasses and globs on some people's hearts it can be rather disconcerting.
    • in many instances things can be cleaned on these levels much better and less expensively than they can with medicines and intrusive operations
    • there is a big difference between cleaning something and removing some blockages than dealing with things like a malfunctioning valve
      • though some types of cleanings and strengthenings at these levels can also assist quite a bit more than you would probably think

1.  The Heart
2.  Jugular Vein
3.  Carotid Artery
4.  Superior Vena Cava
5.  Inferior Vena Cava
6.  Femoral Artery (right leg)
7.  Femoral Artery (left leg)
8.  Aorta

  • I might well include the lungs in this system and change its name to the cardiovascular system, but this will take some time
  • My family has some history of difficulties with cholesterol.  I go to a physician that practices and has degrees in both oriental and western medicine.  My cholesterol level was right at 230, with my "bad" cholesterol being a fair amount worse. 

    Diet and exercise have their impact for me, particularly for increasing my "good" cholesterol.  I work out quite extensively and eat probably eat what most people would consider to be more than healthy.  But I was doing both of these quite unusually well when this problem was discovered.

    She agreed to wait a while with me and monitor my efforts to figure out how I could improve it.  Eventually, on a couple different occasions, I have been able to remove what I can best describe as a certain gloppiness in my arteries/veins on the etheric right next to the physical.  Everything got immediately better by leaps and bounds (in the 25% range).  I recently got a hold of another pretty sizable contiguous set of glop, and a less substantive one, within my etheric arteries/veins, so I'm assuming it has improved even more.  Though I won't know this for certain until my next physical.


  • One of the things that has been somewhat astounding to me is to see the variety of malexos/pathogens that focus largely on the circulatory system.  They can be a bit alarming to see.  There seem to be _____ main varieties at this point.  My discussion of these is much less than I would like.  I will describe what they look like on the etheric and lower astral.
    • a nasty pathogen that I have seen a couple different young people
      • it focuses on the heart
      • it seems to often barely not stop the heart
      • these people also seem suffer from huge exhaustion
    • a pathogen that seems to generally inhibit the flow of blood through the circulatory system
      • while it is not likely the only cause of edema - this is when I've seen it
      • people seem to have some huge overall exhaustion that even moves into the muscular system

I mention these because in all instances, current western medical practices weren't able to do much to inhibit/diminish the impact of these malexos/pathogens.  I have helped quite a  few people experience what might be described as complete recovery from these.  Though it is always important to examine how long such things last.  So far we've been doing fairly well, particularly as people change their approaches to their own lives to improve on how they actually do what they expect from others in relevant ways.