The Brain and Nervous System


  • I find it pretty fascinating to see what in my limited perceptions appears to be "thinking" on the astral.
  • One of the things that has been somewhat astounding to me is to see the variety of malexos/pathogens that focus largely on nerves.  They can be a bit alarming to see.  But, they also seem to capable of sharing focus on other systems.  There seem to be five main varieties at this point and I will definitely extend this discussion in the future.  I will describe what they look like on the etheric and lower astral.
    • a pathogen that shows up as external to the physical body with tendrils reaching into the nervous system
      • it is sort of a clearish-mucousy-gelatinous substance that can be quite spread
        • usually it is spread at some location just beyond the spinal chord
          • I have seen it be lower on the spine, around the shoulders and spread almost all over the back
      • in one instance it was coating a nerve reaching out from the vertebrae just inside the top of the left shoulder of one man
      • its symptoms seem to be
        • Parkinson's disease like tremors
          • when it is in the elderly I think it is often diagnosed as Parkinson's
        • sometimes the affected person has temporary/locational sorts of paralysis
        • some people experience a huge sensitivity to their environment
          • they describe themselves as their nerves feeling very wired
        • sharp pains at times
        • overall weakness

I do not know a name for this pathogen because no one that has come to me has had a consistent diagnosis from western medical sources

  • a pathogen that shows up in particular nerves by creating a particular ribbon-like widening and darkening
    • the darkening can be almost encrusting around the nerve
    • this pathogen seems to be associated with considerable pain and weakness
    • I suspect that the malformation of the nerve has to do with some of the symptoms such as how it interacts with the bones and muscles
      • increased rubbing/friction with the spinal column
      • the extent of encrustation seems to correspond with decreased function

Several people I have worked with have had this diagnosed as neuralgia.  This seems like a fairly consistent diagnosis when it is the only pathogen someone has.  But I usually see this in combination with other things that physicians don't seem to be able to diagnose.  In these instances people often get some sort of general overall diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis from at least one, but never all, physicians.

  • general overall nerve degeneration
    • this usually seems to coincide with some sort of severe experience with Lymes (spelling) disease but not necessarily.
    • the greater the degeneration the greater the likelihood that someone experiences epileptic type convulsions


  • Herpes types of pathogens in particular nerves


  • A pathogen that seems to get in the nerves and cause muscle spasms and locking.

I mention these because in all instances, current western medical practices weren't able to do much to inhibit/diminish the impact of these malexos/pathogens.  I have helped quite a  few people experience what might be described as complete recovery from these.  Though it is always important to examine how long such things last.  So far we've been doing fairly well, particularly as people change their approaches to their own lives to improve on how they actually do what they expect from others in relevant ways.