Some Major Organs


  • Just as with the heart and circulatory system, it can be quite disconcerting to view the state of some people's organs in their etheric double.  But it really does seem to be important to develop these sensory abilities.  So many things can be much more easily dealt with on these levels!

    But this page is about developing internal sensing and seeing.  We'll save most details about diminished function and dysfunction for other pages in other sections.
  • It is not at all unusual to sense excessive mucous on these layers of the etheric and lower astral.  This can have all kinds of implications for organ function.  Though most people are going to associate it with allergies.


  • Many many centuries before western  "scientific" medicine there were theories about overactive defenses and their impact on health.

    Some of the main "defenses" in this approach are the
    • mucous defenses
    • hard defenses
    • soft defenses
    • sweet defenses
    • sour defenses
    • control and acquisition defenses

    You might notice how some of these correspond to several of the major dynamics I am starting to discuss.

    I don't want to go into detail at this point due to the goal of these internal sensing pages and my experience that these have impact on much more than the organs.

    But, it should make sense that if someone's defenses are overreacting then they have certainly gotten hurt badly enough to lead them to such things.  So I think it is very important to reserve judgments about other people's struggles and burdens and what sorts of impact they are actually having.


1.  Lungs (right)
2.  Heart (not shown)
3.  Liver
4.  Stomach
5.  Spleen (not shown)
6.  Kidneys (back)
7.  Pancreas (not shown)
8.  Small Intestine
9.  Large Intestine
10.  Bladder (not shown)