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Yin and Yang    
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An Apology

This website has been developed by
an explorer interested in what works.
If any of what is presented here offends you
I would be interested to hear your comments,
but I will also expect you to listen to mine.
If you want the illusion of an authority,
either for or against,
there are probably about a billion other people
with whom you should be trying to deal with.

  More Focus on Healing  
  This links to a subweb
to get into much more
depth about healing



Intergalactic & Interdimensional War

In spite of the efforts of almost all Earthers to pretend otherwise, we are consumed in two HUGE wars.

These links are to two different subwebs where I try to give worthwhile and valid insights and reports.

These wars are definitely interrelated.

Intergalactic War


Interdimensional War



A Warrior/Healer


Weapons and Healing


The RishRash The Astral or Li
  Zaparch Ecole
Warrior/Healer Academy


I have been hesitant to say this because
I have been afraid the site would be taken down all together.
Even though this country brags to the world
it is an open and just society,
I have had more than a few things modified or deleted from this web site.
Unfortunately, in the past many of the changes were done
via physically breaking into places where I had things stored.

What do people say about themselves
when they have so much to fear
from open investigation and/or discussion?

The Geometry of Four Dimensions


Some Systems Concepts
  Humor - The Best Defense  



Seraphim, Cherubim
Devas and Angels


Some Views from a
Non-Existent Being
Animal Guardian Spirits Guardian Tales


As difficult as it is for so many to deal with, I think it is crucial that all prezzes consider evidence when developing their belief systems.

But relying on evidence also relies on honesty from others.  I think we all know how little honesty I have been getting from far too many others.




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